Research Grants Program


With funding from the Colorado Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund, the Colorado Brain Injury Program awards grants to  support research related to traumatic brain injury in Colorado. Basic science, clinical science, health services and outcomes research are supported. Two grant mechanisms are available:

  • Type I: up to $50,000 per year for up to two years
  • Type II: up to $150,000 per year for up to two years

Applications from both experienced and new investigators are encouraged.

Types of Grants Previously Funded

Grants have been funded in pediatric TBI, social communication training, TBI and PTSD in veterans, extracellular cerebral spinal fluid, endocrine function in women with TBI, and epidemiology of TBI in Colorado. In addition, many of the projects funded under the TBI Trust Fund have resulted in peer reviewed journal articles. For more information click here.

Grant Application Process

The Colorado Brain Injury Program is seeking applications for projects proposing to conduct research related to brain injury. A minimum of twenty-five percent of Colorado TBI Trust Fund dollars are dedicated to the Research  Program, which awards grants to support research in Colorado related to the treatment and understanding of TBI.


Through the Colorado Department of Human Services Procurement Office, the Colorado Brain Injury Program is releasing the following four requests for proposals (note, these are distinct and unique RFPs and you must respond to the correct RFP that correlates to the type of research for which you are applying):

  1. Basic Science – solicitation number 2017000063
  2. Clinical Research – solicitation number 2017000068
  3. Health Services Outcomes – solicitation number 2017000066
  4. New Investigator – solicitation number 2017000064

​To access the program announcement and request for proposal guidelines, please visit:  You can search for the RFP under either the name of the type of research or the solicitation number.

At this web link, you will have an option to search for the RFP information through the Colorado VSS (Vendor Self Service) Public Access option. However if you intend to apply for any of the RFPs you will have to officially register with Colorado VSS,  if you are not already registered.  ALL APPLICANTS MUST APPLY FOR RESEARCH GRANTS VIA COLORADO VSS.  The link above will provide you instructions regarding how to apply and how to register if you are not already registered.

For those of you who are familiar with our process you will see four significant changes this year:

  1. All grants must be submitted through VSS (link above). The application process will be managed through procurement. If you have any questions regarding accessing VSS or questions specific to the RFPs, they must be sent to our procurement officer, Roman Hernandez, at or via phone at 303.866.3227.
  2. We are no longer requiring letters of intent.
  3. We have an exciting “New Investigator” category for funding. This category is intended to nurture new researchers in the field of brain injury. To be eligible you must be within five years post doctorate. See RFP for more eligibility details.
  4. Because we are issuing four separate RFPs, one for each type of award, you must be sure to respond to the appropriate RFP. You are welcome to apply for more than one RFP.

All grant applications are due on 12/15/16.

For Questions

​Again, if you have questions, please email or call Roman Hernandez: or phone at 303.866.3227.. Thank you.